On a late Thursday afternoon, after getting off work early, I headed off for my first hike into the heart of Griffith Park. Just inside the park on Vermont Drive, I turned left onto Boy Scout Drive and discover Trail 11. I decided this would be my route. A 1.5-mile walk on the wide dirt road delivered me to Griffith Observatory. This was my first visit after it reopened from its five-year, $93-million renovation. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time both on the short hike there and back and capturing images of this grand icon.
Here are some of those images.

griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200749_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200750_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200751_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200752_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200753_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200754_small.jpg
griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200755_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200756_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200757_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200758_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200759_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200760_small.jpg
griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200761_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200762_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200763_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200764_small.jpg griffithobservatoryhikeaug9200765_small.jpg
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