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Grand Chasm Falls
(aka Rainbow Falls)
Rubio Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains above Altadena, Calif.
Grand Chasm Falls
Grand Chasm Falls - June 11, 2005. After having been buried in tons of rubble since 1998, these double falls were blasted clean by the torrential rains of October 2004.

Yours truly climbs to get a better view of the falls while Andrew Acres snaps the shot.

Notice the rock wall just above the upper falls. This is the remains of a dam built by Professor Lowe to generate electricity for the pavilion a quarter mile down stream.

Below, from the base of Grand Chasm Falls, looking down stream toward the brim of Moss Grotto Falls.
Grand Chasm Falls
Grand Chasm Falls
The upper tier of Grand Chasm Falls. The water tumbles 25 feet to shallow pool below.

Below, this vintage postcard shows the stairways climbing up and over Grand Chasm Falls. Note the dam above the falls.
Grand Chasm Postcard The caption reads" Rainbow Falls Rubio Canyon Mt. Lowe Pavilion Pacific Electric Railway Los Angeles, Ca." View large photo.
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