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Donner Peak / Mt. Judah (8019') / (8245')
July 8, 2002 - Tahoe National Forest, Northern California

Donner/Judah 1 | Donner/Judah 2

Dan atop Donner Peak (8019'). The large crevasse in the middle is the conspicuous gap that helps define the castle-like rock formation of the summit. I linger at the top, soaking in the beauty, not anxious to leave. Micah climbs around the "castle" looking for interesting photos shots.
Looking southeast from Donner Peak toward Anderson Ridge. Anderson Peak (8683') stands in the middle with pointed Tinker's Knob on its left. Granite Chief Wilderness lies behind. The ridge up the right heads up to Mt. Judah Ridge, the next leg of our hike.
Looking north from Mt. Judah (8245'). Dan walking up the trail. The prominent peak on the skyline is Castle Peak (9103') [hiked 7-22-94]. The low, dark colored summit next to the left edge of the photo is Andesite Peak (8219') [hiked 7-23-98].
Looking north from Mt. Judah, shifting the camera to the right of the photo above. The rocky mass of Donner Peak, from whence we left 30 minutes earlier, sits in the middle. The small hump in the middle on the right edge of the photo is the nameless summit (7309') conquered by Micah and I on 7-11-97 in rout to Donner Peak via Lakeview Canyon.
Looking southeast from Mt. Judah toward Anderson Ridge. Emigrant Canyon, foreground, leads up to the right to Roller Pass, used by pioneers in traversing this range as they headed west. Next, Micah and I descended south to Roller Pass, eat lunch, and from there rejoined the PCT heading north back to the trail head. A great hike!

Hike Log
Donner Peak / Mt. Judah

Mt. Judah Trail Loop
5 miles, plus the side trip to Donner Peak
2:05 Trail Head (PCT) (7070')
2:31 Junction
2:50/:58 Donner Saddle
3:05/3:40 Donner Peak (8019') Gap
3:45 Donner Saddle
4:10/4:25 Mount Judah (8243')
4:52/5:12 Roller Pass (lunch)
5:43 Junction
6:00 Trail Head (PCT)

Donner/Judah 1 | Donner/Judah 2

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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